Selecting Granite Slabs to Bring Style to Your GTA Home

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Style Set in Stone

Selecting granite slabs, especially when they can be customized to accentuate your own personal style in your GTA home, is a wonderful idea. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, granite is as versatile a material as it is a functional one. If you are looking to add a chic and fashionable splash of colour to your kitchen plans, or a sturdy and damage resistant surface to your bathroom countertop, granite offers the form and function to suit all of your needs.

A Rock Solid Choice

Not only do granite countertops impress houseguests, but they also stand up to daily usage. Granite is a scratch and heat resistant stone that lends itself to a multitude of different uses. Whether you are chopping carrots in the kitchen or scrubbing stubborn stains from the laundry in the bathroom, the engineered stone in a granite countertop lasts a long time while still retaining its natural beauty. This makes it a valuable addition to any home design project, as the quality of the material makes regular replacement unnecessary and thus pays for itself many times over. The same is true for products made of quartz.

Why Quartz?

For modern design and daily convenience, quartz is an ideal choice for any Canadian interior design project. At the outset, quartz may seem like a more expensive option than laminate countertops, but its lasting durability makes it a much more financially sound decision. Quartz stands up to years of slicing, dicing, spills and stains better than cheaply made synthetic materials as found in Formica.
The main benefit of quartz is its hardness. Not only does it prove very resistant to knife scratches, but it is also scorch resistant. Gone are the days of accidentally setting a hot pot on the countertop and finding a permanent ring burned onto it. Quartz tolerates a much higher temperature without showing the battle scars of a Thanksgiving dinner or Sunday brunch.
Quartz is also more stain resistant than other artificial products. Because of its non-porous surface, it does not absorb nasty spills as readily as laminate. For this reason, it is also safer when it comes to the spread of bacteria. Because quartz can easily be wiped clean with a wet cloth, it will not retain any dangerous pathogens than can be found in raw poultry. Healthy Canadians choose quartz when considering food safety.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Homeowners are always conscious of the resale value of their homes; adding a marble countertop to any kitchen or bathroom is not only a bold design choice, but a financial investment as well. Studies have shown that homes with marble, granite and limestone countertops have a much higher value in the real estate market.
Building a custom kitchen with granite countertops is building a financial future because of the increased resale value it will have in the event it lands on the real estate market. The decisions you make today will pay off in the future when it comes time to put your dream home up for sale. Selecting granite slabs for your GTA home countertops is a simple way to enjoy the luxury of its striking design features while investing in your future at the same time.